How do Chest Freezers Work

Are you considering to buy a chest freezer? Or puzzled whether to buy chest freezer or upright freezer? Keep reading….this article should help you get some insight

With more budget conscious consumers buying in bulk for many families, a freezer is a necessity. Otherwise we would have been probably placing snow or ice to keep food cool. When buying a freezer, you may have to decide between a chest or an upright.The most economical model is the chest model freezers. They are the best storage solution when you have to store food in bulk, hosting dinner parties and storing bigger items. Every inch is usable storage in chest freezer. Because of their built in wall insulation, they can hold the cold temperature very well and hence uses very less energy.

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen to fit it in , you can keep the chest freezer in the basement or in garage.

Chest freezer is in fact a simple piece of technology. The parts or components are compressor, relay, thermostat, condenser and evaporator coils. The rest of the space is used for storage. Problems arise when your chest freezer refuses to function properly. Having an idea of how a chest freezer work can help you make the right decision:

The condenser found in the front left of the machine usually condenses water. It requires proper cleaning as dust, hair and other debris could coat the coil. If the coating is too thick, it will not cool properly. The evaporator coil which is also on the front left evaporates the extra water created by the freezing process. The compressor on the rear right hand side of the machine compresses excess water so that it can recycle through the freezer.

The four main factors of freezer operation – Refrigeration, Temperature control, Air flow , defrost. Freezer help food to remain cold by removing the heat from the interior of appliance. A freezer uses a sealed system that pumps refrigerate through a set of coil. The system includes a compressor, a pump which compresses and refrigerate the gas form and enter the condenser coil. while in the process of moving through the condenser coil, the gas gets condensed into a hot liquid. The compressor is very essential to the performance of the chest freeze and is the motor that controls the entire cooling system.The condenser coils desolate the heat while the liquid passes through them.Once the liquid has passed the condenser coil and the capillary-tube, it then moves to the evaporator coil’s cooling compartment. When the cold liquid enters this coil, it gets converted into gas which further makes the coil cold. The gas- flows through the coil to a suction pump which is attached to the compressor. The compressor changes the gas back to liquid and that’s how the cooling system continues.

There are not many changeable and serviceable parts inside a chest freezer and its a simple and low maintenance appliance. As per experts Chest freezers need to be defrosted manually in every 6 to 12 months depending on the location. If economical food storage is priority keeping your energy cost low chest freezer is the option for you.

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